Saturday, May 1, 2010


Changes - Well, I finally got my outside clothesline!!  After the purchase of a clothes dryer umpteen years ago, John never liked his clothes hung outside.  He figure he smelled enough 'fresh air' working outside all day.  Personally, I don't think you can overdose on fresh air, as long as it doesn't smell like a paper mill, hog farm or chicken farm  HAHAHA
Anyway, last weekend I filled the line, and when I crawled in between the fresh dried sheets that night, I had not slept so good for a long time!  And the roughness of a line dried towel, WOW.  Hung a load last nite before bed, and  more ready to hang now. 
The weekends are nice, sunny and warm, but the weekdays are rainy, at least half of them.  But things are growing, I have 4 tulips blossomed, two of them where they were never planted.  Must be John had thrown some out back when he cleaned the garden spot out years ago, and they just decided to show themselves.
Daniel started cleaning up the back yard during his school vacation.  I can see a pile of wood, everything from 2x4's to plywood, and piles of metal.  He was quite the busy boy.
Guess it is time for me to take pictures of the old tractor, and post it on Craig's list, and see if it will sell.
And get the land down back posted as well.  I keep putting it off, but guess it is time.  The girls would really like to be moved before winter, and I think it is a great idea.
I gave Johns favorite leather 'biker' jacket to a young man that works at the sister company across the road from my office.  It fit him like a glove, and I know that John would have wanted him to have it.  He was so honored to receive it.  He came up to my office yesterday, and told me tht he does a cancer walk for his Mom, who is a 5 year breast cancer survivor, and asked if he could also walk for John.  I'm the one who felt honored, that he wanted to do that.
Well, if changes are going to happen, I need to get off this computer and get busy, because they won't happen by themselves.
Changes, there have been so many of them in the past eight months, will more make it any easier?  or better?  Guess the only way to find out, is to make them.

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