Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just Thinking

I had a bad night, stiff neck and aching shoulders, and awoke with an 'uncommon' for me, splitting headache.
Spent most of the day relaxing and sleeping, and the headache is a bit better.
But as I sit here at my computer, It is 7:29PM EST, and I am facing the east.  I love to watch the sunrise, and on cool mornings, see the fog rising off the stream that runs along the roadside at the foot of the hills across from mine.  Guess you could say we live on 'mountains' but when you are on one, and look to the other, it's more like a hill.  Anyway, in the past 20 minutes, I have seen the clouds roll over  starting with a dark grey and quickly contiue on to almost black, and I wonder what it must be like in Iceland, to see the sky darken with the clouds of ash from the volocano that has been erupting this week.
It is an ocean away, but how far can the ash travel?  Would a shift of the wind bring it here?  Why would anyone want to live near a known volcano?  Is it trust or foolish thinking that it would not erupt in their lifetime?
The earthquakes and volcanoes that have been breaking out the past few months, is it the earth protesting to how we have poluted it and tried to destroy it in the name of progress?  Or is it the sign of end times, when our Lord, Saviour and Maker is preparing to come for us, His children, and make for us a new heaven and new earth?
I know John is already Home with our Lord and Saviour, and the day is soon coming when all of us who have accepted Him into our hearts as Lord and Saviour, will also go Home to be with Him.  Wether we will be caught up to be with him, or die, we do not know, but the Bible tells us that we will not all die, but some will be 'caught up' to be with Him.  What a Glorious day the will be.
Meanwhile, I will continue to put my trust in Him, and try , with His grace, to live the way he would have me live.
That doesn't mean I don't hurt any less from the loss of my beloved husband, but it eases the pain some, knowing that I will see him again, and God has promised to give me strength to meet the trials.  He will not give me anything that I can not bear. I need to hold on to that promise.
Meanwhile, I will pray for the people in the path of the ash cloud, and all the surrounding area, that they will be safe, and that if they do not  know Christ as their personal Saviour, that maybe this time will bring them to that knowledge somehow.
How does this relate to my 'widows walk'? I am now able to start  thinking of others and the pain and fear they must be going through.  My heart is beginning to reach out from itself, and try to touch others.
Maybe someday, there will be someone that will know the song of my heart, and be able to sing it back to me when I have forgotten the words, until that time, I will continue to miss you John, my Love.

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