Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well, it has been awhile since my last entry, and a lot has happened.  Had to move out the the old farmhouse that my office was in due to a mold problem.  My boss had moved out in July, and was getting progressively worse, on oxygen almost 24/7.  He told me that the doctors figured he had no more than a year left, if he could stay 'healthy' meaning, not catching a cold or anything.   He was getting paranoid about going to doctors' offices and hospitals.  What better place to pick up something when your immune system is damaged!!

So October, I made the move home with file cabinet, computer, and questions about my future.

I totaled my PT cruiser Oct 4th  when a deer in mid leap decided to rain down on the hood.  It was a black morning, and I never saw here until she came down from the sky onto my car.  She died instantly, and so did my car.  It was hauled home to rest in the yard for a few days while the insurance company decided what to do with it.  The hood went back into the radiator, and smashed the battery as well, could not open the passenger front door until the adjuster got the hood opened with a pry bar.  The saddest thing is, I had JUST filled the gas tank, and had no way to siphon it out :-(

I realized later that day, that I had hit my head, and my back was sore.  I had a whiplash injury, a couple ribs out, and both shoulders tilted forward, with the right elbow and wrist having taken the brunt of impact because I braced for it, but things are better now.

 The insurance company totaled it out, and paid me for what they figured the value was, but I could not buy another one for the  money they paid for it.  I ended up getting an old Audi, it gets me from point a to point b as long as they aren't too far apart, and with winter coming, I won't be on the roads too much, so hopefully it will last me awhile.

Got the furnace in and running, it keeps the house pretty comfortable, but I have the chills almost constantly.  Have started taking vitamins D and B6, but will be picking up some Niacin as well.

Had surgery on my hand the Tuesday before Thanksgiving , for carpel tunnel.  Talked with my boss later that afternoon, that was the last I spoke to him.  He went into the hospice house the next day and passed away Thanksgiving morning. 
November of 2010 will be a long time in forgetting, I lost a brother on the second, and a very dear friend/boss on the 25th.  In typical Tom Shea fashion, if he could have pick the day he was going to die, it would have been a Holiday.  He was a very remarkable person, and as if anyone would ever forget him, those of us who knew him, will fondly remember him every Thanksgiving for years to come, and will lift a toast to him every year.
In talking with Mary, his wife, it brought back so many memories of when John passed, and I must say, I have been pretty depressed the past couple weeks.

Got the stitches out of my hand, and it is slowly getting better, but I know when I have done too much with it.

Still working from home, tho what I do has slightly changed.  I know we need an office, as there is no place really for the person who I work with from the head office, to be when he comes to Maine.  I just hope it is closer to Buckfield than the farmhouse was.  I hate traveling in the winter.  If my place were bigger, I would have it here, but the former hot tub room has no heat except for a small wood stove, it would make a nice 'summer' office, but not so good in the winter.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of how much I miss John.   Everything is so empty, and I am so tired.  There is so much I miss.  His voice, his hugs, his love, all the little things he did.

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